Can you sue when involved in a minor car accident?

Getting involved in a car accident can be so devastating to anyone. Usually, the police are called to the scene, where they compile a report detailing the entire event after testimonies from both parties and bystanders. The officer then administers a traffic violation for the party on the wrong.

In case of a minor car accident where you’re unscratched or perhaps have minor injuries, it might not be necessary to hire a lawyer. However, should you wish to sue, then contacting a lawyer is always recommended, depending on the damage or injury sustained. A good example of personal injury lawyers to hire is the Detroit truck accident lawyers.

This blog talks about scenarios where you should sue when involved in a minor car accident.

When you sustain injuries

You can sue when you have injuries or feel pain after being involved in a minor car accident. Quite often, injuries from an accident aren’t immediately apparent and can occasionally follow up after a few days, weeks, or even months. On the other hand, if you haven’t sustained any injuries or do not need medical attention, hiring a personal injury lawyer isn’t necessary.

When the accident bill adds up

After a minor car accident, seek medical attention, regardless of how small the injury is. Often after going to the hospital is when you realize that the injuries are costlier than you initially anticipated, in addition to the damage your car costs, however minor. In the end, when you take into account your medical bill, emotional stress, and the damage to your vehicle, taking legal action seems like a good option.

When you fail to agree after negotiation

If the negligent party’s insurance company has failed to compensate you accordingly based on your expenses after negotiating with them, you should consult with an attorney.

They can advise you on what you should expect from a settlement, and if the insurance adjusters or negligent party’s offer falls short, you may want to consider filing a lawsuit. However, most minor car accidents can be settled without going to court.

If you want to prove who’s at fault

Legal expertise is required to create a compelling argument to accurately prove who was at fault and what percentage of that fault should be ascribed to the various parties. As a result, even minor vehicle accident victims might stand to gain significantly by hiring an experienced legal counsel.

Alternatively, you can take photos immediately after the accident to give you an edge when proving your innocence in court. Using your cellphone camera, take pictures of the entire accident scene. You can capture the collision, the road, and also the weather condition during that fateful day.

Final Remarks

In most scenarios where you’re involved in a minor car accident, you can either file a lawsuit against an individual, government agency if the accident was caused by a road design error or against a manufacturer if a defect in the car caused the accident. Just ensure that the lawyer you hire has experience when it comes to similar cases.

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