4 Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

Crossing the street sounds simple. Look both ways, find it clear and go. Unfortunately, though, walking is not as safe as it seems, and so pedestrian accidents are on the rise. According to recent studies, in the last decade, nearly 50,000 people were struck and killed, making this a serious concern for United States citizens. During a time when people are encouraged to save gas and the environment, it can be dangerous to walk rather than ride. Caution is needed, and people should take care to protect themselves in their travels.

Poorly Designed Paths

From childhood, most parents preached to look before your cross the street. Sometimes, however, that isn’t enough. The local government and transportation authority also need to work to keep people protected. If crossing over a busy street, crosswalks and lighting are necessary to facilitate travel. During the dark, drivers may have difficulty seeing a pedestrian. The city should install proper lamp posts to ensure that walkers are protected. In addition, the roadway should have clear crosswalk lines. This maintains order and structure. Ultimately, visibility and organization are key. Should an accident occur and you believe that something was neglected or that it was due to improper city structures, hire a Tampa injury attorney to review your case.

Distracted Drivers

At times, a motorist may not maintain eye contact on the road. The driver’s kids might be screaming in the car, and so the parent tries to calm them down. The phone may have buzzed, and the operator chose to read the text rather than stay focused. It can even be something as minute as changing the radio station. Choices made behind the wheel can avert attention. By the time eyes return to the highway, it’s too late.


Some people simply don’t want to follow the rules. Going fast is tempting. It might be that someone needs to get to a meeting. It could just be thwarting the rules for a thrill. As someone takes a turn quickly, though, it can be tough to stop in time.


While illegal to drive intoxicated, motorists still get behind the wheel. They don’t have a clear head and reflexes are slow. Despite being in the cross walk or thinking you have proper time, impaired drivers take away that control and order. These operators fail to understand choices and make poor decisions, thus potentially hitting you despite following protocols.

A car hitting a pedestrian is a serious incident. No matter the cause, it’s a time to seek the aid of professionals, both medical and legal.

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