The ABCs of Bail Bonds

It was a friendly argument about different kinds of beer until someone hit someone else as you were all standing in your neighbor’s front yard. Fist began to fly, someone screamed “knife,” and you tried pulling people out of the fray. The next thing you remember was fists coming your direction. You ducked, but you weren’t fast enough to get beneath the punch. You felt yourself fall backwards, but that is all you remember until you found yourself waking up in the hospital with a handcuff on your wrist. Here are the ABCs about what will happen next.


You will be formally arrested, fingerprinted, searched, and photographed once you are released from the hospital bed. You may be arrested while in the hospital in order for the police to ascertain your side of the story. If you can be moved to the police station, you will be put into a holding cell until your arraignment can be called.


You will meet with a judge at your arraignment. During this meeting, the judge will read the charges against you, you will be introduced to your court appointed lawyer, and you will be told how much your bail will be – if there is any. You can then contact your family or friends and let them know how much your bail with Lancaster County bail bonds is and the name of the charge you are being held for.


Once the bail bondsman pays your court bail, you will be free to leave the jail. However, when you sign your bail papers, you are making a contract with the court that you will return on the scheduled dates for any appointments made for you.

Making arrangements to pay bail can allow you to get back to your life, job, and family. Now all you have to do is make sure you keep all the scheduled meetings with the court, or you will end up back in jail.

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