How to Check The Status of a Workers’ Comp Claim

If you have been injured on the job and you filed a workers compensation claim you may want to check in on the status of your compensation. A workers compensation claim can help you pay for medical expenses and provide you with wage replacement benefits. Once a claim has been filed you’ll need to check in on the status of your claim at regular intervals. If you are having difficulty seeing updates on your claim or you have any questions about the status of your claim, it would be helpful for you to speak to an experienced workers compensation attorney.

How You File

To establish your claim you must take the following steps.

Report your accident: You will be responsible for reporting any injury that occurred on the job site within 30 days to your employer.

Go to a doctor: Immediately head to a hospital and speak with a medical professional regarding any potential injuries. Employers can choose authorized providers for your claim.

Filing the claim: After you’ve gone to a healthcare provider that is authorized by your employer, you’ll be responsible for advocating for yourself in completing the claim. After reporting the injury, your employer will have seven days to report back to their insurance provider.

Contacting an attorney: Speaking to an attorney regarding a workers compensation claim is an excellent idea; they can help represent you and maximize the claim..

If you need assistance with your workers compensation claim in Florida, contact us today. We can advocate for you to access the compensation you deserve.

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