Do I have to stay at the scene of the accident if I witnessed the accident?

If a person passes by and sees an accident, he may get scared and rush away. They say the drivers will figure it out themselves. But this is not the case. Often, the help of witnesses is necessary for people involved in an accident. Some citizens stop and start filming with their cell phones. For any participant in the incident, it is essential to find witnesses. Their testimony can have a decisive influence on the course of the investigation in controversial situations. How should a person who witnessed an accident behave?

What could be the situation?

Situations when a person can become a witness are different. For example, you can go to work in the morning and witness an accident at an intersection. In this case, the main thing is not to panic. It is worth remembering that according to the laws of Florida, a person is not required to remain at the place of an accident if he witnessed it. In any case, it is worth remembering that the Nunez company’s Florida accident lawyer will be able to help resolve the issue and help find a way out of the situation.

However, in many cases, this will be the right decision since the help of a witness will be helpful. Those involved in the patient may need the support of such a witness in the future.

Before deciding whether or not to refuse to participate in any investigation or consideration of a case, remember that the witness is obliged to approach the deal on the call of the judge or official in charge of the administrative offense case and give truthful testimony.

It is also essential to stay and help if there are no other people nearby. It is worth remembering that if people in an accident are injured, it is worth urgently calling 911 and helping. In this case, the support of a witness will be beneficial.

Why is the witness so important?

Specialists of the law firm remind us that testimonies can be constructive in analyzing a traffic situation, especially in a controversial case. If suddenly the driver hit a person and disappeared or crashed someone’s car, the story or even an accidental witness can complete the picture of what happened. And sometimes, it is the testimony of a witness that helps to find the culprit of an accident.

Even if the accident is not severe, for example, if someone hits a neighbor’s car and drives away, the person involved still has to repair the vehicle. If he doesn’t find the culprit, the victim will have to do it at his own expense. And here, a witness will help find a negligent driver who damaged the car.

What should be the first steps?

As soon as possible, attempt to assess the situation:

  • Are there any casualties, and how many?
  • How severe were their injuries?
  • Are there children among the victims?
  • Is it necessary to unblock people from cars?
  • Is there a risk of fire?

It is worth remembering to call emergency services by calling 911 immediately to get medical help. All circumstances must be clearly stated to the operator of the rescue service. If this is a route, a navigator will help establish the accident’s place as accurately as possible. The speed of response of units to a call will directly depend on this content.

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