Corporate Law – A Large Firm Is Best

When you look for a corporate lawyer to represent your company, whether you are currently being sued, need legal advice on incorporating, or a myriad of other business complications, you may ask yourself if it is best to choose a large law firm or a go with a small one. While it may be a daunting task to interview several attorneys before you decide on which firm to hire, it is best to keep these three things in mind during the interview process.


The corporate world has become very diverse in the past 30 years. With that diversity has come the need for lawyers to develop more specialized knowledge in one area of the law. The old-fashioned all-in-one type of corporate lawyer is almost a thing of the past. Instead, you will find lawyers specializing in real estate, contracts, taxes, intellectual property, foreign trade, and numerous other areas. With this specialization comes superior knowledge of that particular field, and that can be a good thing when you have a complicated legal problem. So, when you are looking for a St. Louis corporate law firm to represent your company, know which specialization you need before the interview.


Large law firms often provide a diverse group of lawyers under one roof. Rather than individually renting a brick-and-mortar, many attorneys now band together to cover the overhead costs associated with practicing law. One of the biggest benefits of this encapsulation is the ability of the firm to cover almost any corporate law problem your company may face. Big firms can write a contract, settle a lawsuit for intellectual rights, file a patent for your latest invention, or create a software licensing agreement. Gone are the days when your lawyer had to refer you to another lawyer across town because your company needed a specialist in a certain field of law. Today, most big firms can cover almost everything you throw at them.


As your corporate lawyer, the person you hire will represent your company. That means their reputation will often be linked with your business, your employees, and even you. Ask yourself before you hire them if they have a reputation for honesty, ethical behavior, and thoroughness. The individual you choose will be a reflection of your company and all you hold dear.

Communicate your needs as you interview each attorney. Most importantly, if you know what you need, chances are you will find it in a big law firm.


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