3 Questions That Will Help You Go Through SAP Evaluations

About a Substance Abuse Evaluation

The substance abuse evaluation is an assessment. It will assess the drug and alcohol use of an individual. It can be completed online or it may be a written questionnaire. It is usually completed prior to meeting with a certified counselor. A person may be required to obtain alcohol and drug screening. SAP evaluations may be court ordered in many cases. A court of law can order a person to get a SAP evaluation if they have broken the law. This may involve drinking and driving. It can include driving while using illegal drugs. A Substance Abuse Professional is referring to SAP. SAP evaluations require honest answers. A DOT SAP evaluation is not difficult if you know what to expect from it.

The Interview Process

The DOT SAP evaluation might involve an actual interview. If you are required to attend this type of interview, you may be asked questions about the information you submitted with your questionnaire. A certified counselor may review your alcohol and drug use. This tends to include past and present usage. You may need to answer questions that make you feel uncomfortable. Honest answers are vital for SAP evaluations because the answers can lead you to a recovery process that will have you enjoying your life to the fullest. It is common to be requested to provide contact information. This will be for different people who will be asked questions about your substance abuse. The people or contacts are usually family and close friends because they will know your habits and behaviors in terms of alcohol and drug usage. The certified counselor may obtain more information about you too, from your contact information. You might need to provide the following:

* Full names

* Their contact information

* When they can be reached to obtain the added information about you

This is uncomfortable, for many people, because people will be talking about how substance use has impacted them and others friends and family. Everyone will need to provide honest information to the certified counselor in order to get a clear picture of the alcohol and drug usage. The information will be used to determine a customized treatment plan to help foster a good recovery plan.

Prepare to Answer: Interview Questions

It is common for a DOT SAP evaluation to involve answering many questions in order to get to the root of problematic alcohol and drug usage. The following questions are a sample of the SAP questions:

  1. Describe yourself clearly to the best of your ability; it is not uncommon for people to have a distorted view of themselves. This question can be very revealing in terms of their own denial about their alcohol and drug use. The answer will give a certified counselor a good overview of any possible added mental health issues that need to be addressed. It is a good idea to avoid standard and superficial answers
  2. The counselor may ask about the way you manage stressful situations; this may include work stress, stress at home and what causes the stress
  3. You may be asked about your current employment; job status can be very revealing in terms of an addiction to drugs or alcohol

These three are only a sample of the types of questions that are often asked during the interview and assessment process.


Prepare for an honest evaluation. Honest answers will be necessary, prepare to take an honest look at all behaviors that led you to this type of assessment. Be prepared to enjoy life with clean and sober conditions after the treatment is completed, if needed.

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