Understanding Malta Citizenship Investment Process

The Malta Citizenship program gives you a direct route to secure one of the highest-ranking European Union passports. Once you become a Maltese citizen, you can live, study, and work in about 28 different EU countries. Moreover, it allows you to benefit from the freedom of visa-free traveling to 182 countries in the world.

The Malta Citizenship by investment program has several requirements, and one of which is contributing to the national development and social fund of the Malta government. As the main applicant, you will have to invest a minimum amount of Euro 650,000. The 70 percent out of this contribution goes to the fund set up by the Maltese government, and the rest goes to the consolidated fund. Your spouse and children will also contribute Euro 25,000 each.

The Malta Citizenship Investment Program gives you a fast-track residence card within three weeks. It means you can reside on the island and enjoy visa-free and on-arrival visa traveling facilities. The program is highly beneficial for those with high net worth and their families across the world. The Malta Citizenship Investment process involves purchasing an apartment on the island or renting a property with a specified amount.

With this program, citizens of EU and non-EU countries can obtain impeccable standing and repute the opportunity to get permanent residency in Malta, and finally, a Maltese passport. The good news is that the program has countless advantages to offer that you can get by contributing to the Maltese economic and social development.

If you are applying as the main applicant, you can include your spouse, parents, unmarried dependents, minor children, and dependent adults who are not married yet. The Malta citizenship investment process is not only simple but is also efficient. It includes a 4-month processing time for citizenship approval. You will also be able to enjoy fast track residence cards within 25 days along with Schengen mobility for 18 months. The process also comprises a total of 12 months for passport issuance from the time of initial residency. This one-year period is inclusive of 4-month processing time.

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