Entire Spectrum of Canadian Visa Application Process

Entire Spectrum of Canadian Visa Application Process

The types of Canada visas which are applicable are for the categories like work visa for skilled professionals, students, visitors and permanent residents. The work visa category for the skilled worker program is a permanent residency visa. The applicants are judged on the basis of the age, qualification, experience and knowledge in English and/or French. The state of Quebec has been opened for immigration by the Canadian authorities as there are higher job opportunities for the immigrants. The profession should be in the list of labor market gaps as required by Canada and a minimum number of points are to be scored by the applicant. The experts at Immigration Overseas, a reputed law firm will guide the applicants with the constantly changing legislations pertaining to skilled immigration as per the Canadian authorities. The other variety of Canada visa is the Federal Skilled Trades Program which is applicable for the qualified trades people in the category of aircraft technician, carpenters, electricians and plumbers and welders and others. The Quebec selected skilled workers program for visa Canada applicants requires an additional criteria in adequate knowledge in French.

The Canadian Government lays emphasis on the family sponsorship programs because they understand the importance of family for permanent settlement of the skilled workers and professionals. A Canadian citizen or a permanent resident will be entitled for a visa for the family/dependent children and the live-in partners. These people will be entitled to live, work and study with Canada Visa. Another visa Canada type is for the live-in-caregiver for the elderly or the children. This type of Canada visa is complicated and also requires requisite qualification and experience. The visa Canada for students is highly demanding because of the quality of Canadian education system. Students from all over the world are keen to immigrate to Canada for the job opportunities arising out of this world class and globalized education system. The temporary Canada visa are of three types -single, multiple and the transit types. The single entry allows an entry to Canada for once and the multiple entry visas allows entry for more than one time. The transit visa is for staying in Canada for 48 or less number of hours on the way to another country. Immigration Overseas is a leading law firm which handles the entire visa woes of the clients. The experts and the consultants handle to entire spectrum of the visa application process. The services offered are highly ethical and highly integrated in nature. The strictest of confidentiality are maintained for the clients and the legal consultants are always abreast of the latest changes in the visa application process so that the clients do not have any rejection of visa application. The aim is always to help the clients to the largest possible extent with the free pre-assessment of profile up to the stages of resume building for global job opportunities and also post-landing services like opening of bank accounts, initial accommodation and transport facilities and places of recreations and many others, which makes the client comfortable in the alien country.

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