4 Reasons To Seek an Uncontested Divorce

When two people decide it is beneficial for both parties to end the relationship, an uncontested divorce may be the easiest solution. When you and your spouse agree on almost everything, you can settle the matter quickly. Here are four reasons to seek an uncontested divorce.

Protect Children

Children should always be a major consideration when seeking a divorce. Rather than have a judge decide what is best for you child, you can protect him or her by choosing an uncontested divorce Tampa. Keeping your child away from the courthouse during this difficult time is the best possible solution to a difficult situation.

Sidestep Conflict

Divorces can drag on for months and years when animosity can spill over between spouses. During that time, anger and resentment can continue to build, and neither party wins when words of abuse or neglect begin to surface. An uncontested divorce allows both spouses to sidestep the long conflict divorces can end in, and that means both of you can resume your lives quicker.

Privacy Matters

When spouses contest a divorce or have issues with parts of the separation’s details, private matters can become open to public scrutiny. If the divorce is contested long enough to go to trial, witnesses and family members may also become part of the proceedings as they are questioned by attorneys and the judge. Private matters in an uncontested divorce can stay private.

Save Money

The longer a divorce is drawn out, the more the attorneys must work, and the greater your bill may be at the end of the proceedings. If you want to save a great deal of money during the divorce, seek one that is uncontested. You will pay a filing fee for the divorce and a flat fee for the attorney – and that is quite a savings.

If your spouse agrees with you about almost everything in the divorce, safe yourself a great deal of heartache, possible embarrassment, and money. Do yourself a favor and seek an uncontested divorce.

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