Traffic Law

What to Do If You Are Involved in an at Fault Car Accident


In the event that you are involved in an at fault car accident, there are several things that you should do to get the compensation that you deserve. For instance, you should document the incident, avoid admitting fault, and request compensation for non-monetary damages. Determine if you were mostly to blame In a car accident, […]

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Can you sue when involved in a minor car accident?


Getting involved in a car accident can be so devastating to anyone. Usually, the police are called to the scene, where they compile a report detailing the entire event after testimonies from both parties and bystanders. The officer then administers a traffic violation for the party on the wrong. In case of a minor car […]

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Is It Worth Suing Following a Minor Car Accident?


Have you been lucky enough to avoid being in a car accident up until this point in your life? Do you make sure you are always alert when driving and follow all the rules of the road? Do you ensure that your car is always in good working condition so that it is reliable and […]

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