What are the Categories of Employment-Based Residency?


Immigration law is a complex area and those wishing to move to the United States to work would benefit from the knowledge and expertise of an immigration attorney, like those who work at Graham Adair. These experts tell us that there are a few ways of gaining employment-based (EB) residency in the United States. In […]

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Call a Louisville Car Accident Lawyer After Your Car Wreck


Millions of car wrecks happen every single year, and about half of them result in some sort of injury. That’s close to 3 million people who experience an injury after a car wreck. In the state of Kentucky, there were 29,000 reported injuries from 120,000 wrecks in 2020 alone.  When you find yourself dealing with […]

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Do I have to stay at the scene of the accident if I witnessed the accident?


If a person passes by and sees an accident, he may get scared and rush away. They say the drivers will figure it out themselves. But this is not the case. Often, the help of witnesses is necessary for people involved in an accident. Some citizens stop and start filming with their cell phones. For […]

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What Fiduciary Duty Means For Retirement Planning


In order to plan for your retirement, you first need to know what fiduciary duty means. A fiduciary is a person or organization who has a duty to act in the best interest of their client, which can include your retirement savings. This article will explore fiduciary duty and explain what it means for retirement […]

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What Should You Know About Involuntary Manslaughter?


Involuntary manslaughter is not the same as murder or the other homicides possible. The big difference is that there is no intention to kill someone and there is no premeditation. Unlawful and lawful acts carried out in a reckless or negligent manner are included. Usually, involuntary manslaughter will lead to lighter penalties. Even so, if […]

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Independent vs. Captive Insurance Agents: What is the Difference?


With the development of technology, customers now have a lot of ways to buy insurance policies. Much of this is because of the proliferation of mobile technologies and the internet. Regardless of the technology, customers have two options from whom they can buy, either by consulting insurance agents or directly from an insurance firm. If […]

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Don’t Put Off Updating Your Estate Plan Documents


Putting off updating important legal documents like an estate plan can be extremely detrimental to your future. Procrastination with these types of legal documents could lead to amazing amounts of financial loss, your loved ones facing additional stress, or the chance that your estate would be unaccounted for should you pass unexpectedly. Here some of […]

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How to Hire Reliable Lawyers in Queensland


At one time or the other, you will find yourself requiring the service of a lawyer. A lawyer is a very important individual that can assist you in so many areas. There is rarely any aspect of your life that will not require the service of a lawyer. A lawyer can be required if you […]

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What to Look For in Personal Injury Attorneys in Seattle


Seattle accident lawyers can advise you to create a journal in which you document your feelings and emotions during your recovery from a personal injury. They can also provide you with these tips: Avoid Negative Thoughts. Write down anything negative that happens while you’re healing, including any negative comments by friends or family members who […]

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3 Questions That Will Help You Go Through SAP Evaluations


About a Substance Abuse Evaluation The substance abuse evaluation is an assessment. It will assess the drug and alcohol use of an individual. It can be completed online or it may be a written questionnaire. It is usually completed prior to meeting with a certified counselor. A person may be required to obtain alcohol and […]

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