5 Myths about Private Investigators

People hire private investigation firms for a myriad of reasons and they have certain expectations from ones handling their cases. Quite often these expectations exceed the capabilities of the investigator in question. People believe in myths and misconceptions, about private investigators, that they see in popular media, but some of them aren’t true at all. Here are 5 private investigator myths that are completely false and you shouldn’t expect from even the top private investigation firm, like NSIU: 1. Complete Financial Records Many people falsely believe that the investigation firm they hire can provide them with another person’s complete financial records; in fact, most investigators won’t even be able to confirm that a person even has a bank account. A good investigator will work hard and give you information about bank accounts that a person has in their name, but any information beyond that cannot be obtained legally. 2. Phone Records You may have seen private investigators on screen, browsing telephone records to help them in their investigation; this also is a myth. Investigators can only go as far as to find out which carrier the perpetrator is using; they cannot get access to detailed call records of said person though. 3. Credit Information Due to some new restriction, no third party can view anyone’s credit records. The only way an investigator can access a person’s credit information is by informing them about it, which isn’t the most discreet way to conduct an investigation. 4. Obtain Video Evidence Anywhere People expect investigators to be able to video anything and everything a person does when placed under surveillance. This could not be further from the truth, since the investigator must adhere to privacy laws, so that risk of losing the evidence or possible criminal or civil prosecution can be avoided. Put simply, an investigator can obtain video where an average person can view the subject without using any magnification device. 5. Comprehensive Background Checks This is another very common misconception about private investigators; they aren’t able to provide you with complete background checks. When you engage their service for a background check, they will gather all the information available publicly. Anyone offering more than that is overstating the extent of their services. Now that you know what you should not expect from private investigators, you should be able to better utilize them for services that they actually can offer you. You can get in touch with the best investigation firm, like NSIU, and make comprehensive inquiries about the services they offer, before you engage them.

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