USA H-2B visa for Unskilled workers

Many foreign nationals have an overwhelming desire to work with an American companies and live permanently in the United States of America. The US federal government introduced various types of work visas namely H-1B visa for skilled and professional degree holders and H-2B visa is for Unskilled workers. In this article, let you know about an H-2B work visa and the application procedure. H2 B visa The H-2B visa category is for a non-immigrant (agricultural temporary workers. that means It is issued to people those who want to work temporarily in the United States of America. This H-2B visa is also called short term seasonal and fun jobs across the country. This US program is available to both students and non-students and have an opportunity to do work as individual in the US for a particular period of time defined by a company’s seasonal. The H-2B visa program allows individuals for staying or living in the United States for three consecutive years on the H-2B visa working for various employers each season. If you have work experience in the following categories then you may eligible to apply for H-2B visa. Kitchen Staff Cashier Housekeeper Sales Assistance Dishwasher Ski Lift operator Wait staff Bus staff Host staff Food & Beverage server Concierge Dining Room Attendant Line & Prep cook Lifeguard Ski Instructor This H-2B visa is not for all foreign nationals throughout the world. It is issued to certain countries. for list of countries please visit United States official website. Eligibility criteria 1. An applicant must be at least under the age of 18 years. 2.You must have previous work experience in the above mentioned categories 3.An H-2B non-immigrant worker must know a minimum of Read, write speak the English language Procedure to apply H-2B Application 1. Every applicant must submit a temporary labor certification application to the Department of Labor(DOL). 2.An applicant should have to file the petition for non-immigrant H-2B visa application form I-129 after receiving a temporary labor certification from the department of Labor. 3.Once you received a Labor certification and after filing an H-2B application form, then you must submit at the local USA embassy which located in your city. 4. An H-2B visa holder can stay maximum period of three years. but generally you can stay whatever time approved for the labor certification from the department of labor. usually these H-2B workers can take visa for one year from the department of Labor but later if they want to extend their staying period up to three years. 5.One major advantage of having an H-2B visa is that you can bring your spouse or unmarried children to the United States of America but they cannot do any work in the US.

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